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  1    MAMMAIFRS: Mixed-Attribute Measurement Model for Assets under IFRS
  3       "I was struck by the multitude of measurement techniques that both IFRSs and US GAAP prescribe, from historic cost, through value-in-use, to fair value and many shades in between. In all, our standards employ about 20 variants based on historic cost or current value.....Still, the multitude of measurement techniques indicates that accounting standard-setters often struggle to find a clear answer to the question of how an asset or liability should be valued."
  4       Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman IASB, June 20, 2012.
  7       MAMMAIFRS is a teaching/learning tool that provides an overview of the mixed-attribute approach used by IFRS to measure assets. Its primary target audience is intermediate level accounting students who face the challenge of learning and synthesizing a growing and sometimes complex body of financial reporting knowledge. MAMMAIFRS should be used as a supplement to, and not as a replacement for IFRS, textbooks, or other authoritative sources.
  9       The drop-down list on the MAMMA screen allows users to quickly identify the measurement attributes at acquisition and post-acquisition for any asset type. Impairment loss and reversal approaches for the asset type are also presented.
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